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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The success of our company depends on “QUALITY” that is one of the most fundamental competitive factors today. This means not only the quality of our products and after-sales services but also the “quality of our company”.

For METER Elektronik A.Ş. that takes continuous improvement as a goal:

Product Quality: Means that the product purchased by the customer is totally suitable for its intended use and satisfies all expectations. Product quality spreads to all stages of the product’s life cycle. It starts with the product’s design and continues all along the period of use by the customer.

Corporate Quality: Means that the company effectively and productively arranges and implements the job definitions and instructions in every field and at every level. If the company employees are experienced and qualified, this enables customers to supply products on a determined time and for affordable market prices.

At METER Elektronik A.Ş., the Board of Directors fully supports all duties and activities related to the establishment, implementation, and updates of the quality system.

A quality policy has been prepared after determination by the company’s senior management and agreement by all employees. The quality policy forms a frame for the quality objectives that are updated by the company every year.

While determining the quality objectives, it is sincerely taken into consideration that they are compliant with the quality policy, contain continuous improvement and are measurable.

Our company (with its updated name) has had ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate since 1998.